Who participates in ELN-Peer-Coaching?

ELN addresses exclusively the first and second management level and defines these levels as following:

Level 1: „Executive Management“
Board members and managers who are reporting to the Board in large corporations, managing directors in medium-size companies as well as comparable positions in public institutions and government agencies. This includes self-employed consultants and researchers, in so far as their function is associated with a leadership role in their own or third party owned companies.

Level 2: „Senior Management“
Managers who report to the level below the board in large corporations and reporting to the managing director in medium-size companies, managing directors of small companies, as well as comparable positions in public institutions and government agencies.

The peer groups are formed on the basis of this classification, with the focus on ensuring effective teamwork among the team members, who recognize each other as true peers.

In general, the following criteria are examined when forming an ELN Peer Coaching Group:

  • The participants are classified by their superiors, colleagues and coworkers
    as highly professional and successful, independent of their position.
  • They have strategic and social competency.

In general, new participants are selected based on recommendations by the coaches or by existing ELN group members. It is also possible to file an application for participation in ELN. The prerequisites of the participation are clarified in every case by way of a personal interview, which is held by an ELN coach or partner and confirmed afterwards by the ELN board.

Nota Bene: ELN does not see itself as a training institution. Managers who are interested in developing specific management skills are advised to contact an appropriate training institution.