The fee for an ELN-Peer-Coaching cycle varies between the groups of “Senior Management” and “Executive Management”, because there are different selection criteria.
For more information, please contact us directly.

An ELN-Peer-Coaching cycle consists of 6 separate meetings in conclave, each about 2,5 days. The fee is to be paid in advance. Moreover, the participants have to pay their costs for travelling, accommodations, seminar room and catering for the meetings.

The participation is binding, as soon as the participant is grouped for a specific ELN group and the relevant fee is paid.

Each team member of an ELN group is exclusively selected and chosen for his/her group, which makes especially high preliminary work necessary. There are also individually determined, fixed dates for each ELN group. Therefore, there are utmost strict cancellation rules:

  • Cancellation before the very first ELN meeting means reimbursement of 70% of the fee, only in the case that the vacancy can be filled with another, adequate candidate for this ELN group.
  • In case of cancellation during the on-going ELN-Peer-Coaching process, or in case of absence from the meetings, there is no reimbursement.